sports blog by andy shenk


I live in Moscow, Russia. I translate Russian sports websites into English and write for Russian Football News. My favorite activities, in no particular order, include spending time with my wife, watching Russian football over the internet, reading, and not owning a car.

My favorite sports memory is of the Carleton–St. Olaf men’s basketball game last February. My wife and I attended nearly every Carleton home game during the winter, the first time either of us had ever followed a team in person so intensely. This game, Carleton’s last of the year, captured everything I love most in sports: passionate fans, the culmination of a season, a heated rivalry and exciting play. That they lost, and relinquished the Goat Trophy to St. Olaf for the first time in ten years, did not lessen the joy I felt that afternoon watching Carleton play. I am a devout fanatic, savoring sports’ transcendence of stifling pessimism.

  1. Hi Andy,
    I love Russian football and one day I am hoping to learn Russian. I’m 16 and I’m like you a “devout fanatic”. How do you watch the Russian football matches in the USA? In England the only option is to illegally live stream the games.


    • Hi Matty,

      I rely on live streams in the USA, too. There is a way to buy online access, though it’s in Russian and I haven’t bothered to do it yet. Here’s the link to the site:!/subscription. If you want help setting it up, let me know on Twitter. I could walk you through it on Skype.

      I’m headed back to Russia soon, so I’ll have a much easier time over there. How did you get interested in Russian football? Do you follow any particular team?

      • I got.interested through watching European football and football manager. lokomotiv Moscow and i would love to visit russia. Thanks.for the link I will check it out and.may.take up your offer of assistance. Sorry for the awful typing I’m on a bad phone!

  2. Do you support anyone Andy?

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