sports blog by andy shenk

Top Links

Russian Football News – Your English-language source for all things Russian football

Some People on the Pitch – Examining football: the history, culture, arts, tactics…

The False Nine – Football blog covering the global game, from the grassroots level on up

Гостевая, Дикая Дивизия – Russian-language forum to discuss Anzhi football

Pounding the Rock – Best San Antonio Spurs blog on the Internet

Xavier Hoops – Forum to discuss Xavier Musketeer basketball

Enquirer – Local Cincinnati source for Reds and Xavier news

Спорт-Экспресс – My favorite Russian source for sports news

Letsrun – Top track and field website, emphasis on long-distance running

NBA – Essential in getting my regular fix of NBA highlights

San Antonio Spurs – Great video archive of Spurs interviews

MLB – Best place to check on baseball scores and highlights

Cincinnati Reds – My favorite version of Gamecast for Reds games

Anzhi Makhachkala – First stop for Anzhi news

Lokomotiv-Kuban – My Russian basketball home

VTB United League – Top Eastern European basketball league, with live video


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